How do I Pause / Resume Site Processing?

There may be a variety of reasons you want to Pause Processing Scheduled Orders on your site. You may be migrating hosts, have some site maintenance being done, or changing the site's url.  In cases like these, you may want to pause your site's processing of Scheduled Orders.

When a QPilot Site's processing is set to paused, Scheduled Orders will not process automatically.

 QPilot makes this easy to manage with a quick toggle within your site card on your QPilot Merchant dashboard. This is achieved in a few short steps:

  1. Login to your QPilot Merchant Account
  2. Locate the site you'd like to Pause / Resume processing on
  3. Select the   menu, toggle processing, and confirm

When you are ready to resume processing follow the same steps, selecting "Resume Processing" and confirming.

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