What should I do with a Failed Scheduled Order?

When a Scheduled Order is processed, Autoship Cloud's hosted service, QPilot first checks the Scheduled Order to see if there are available order items, then creates a new Order in WooCommerce with a status of "Pending Payment".  Once the WooCommerce Order is created, the total amount of the WooCommerce Order is processed using the customer's payment method, and finally, upon successful payment, the WooCommerce Order status is updated from "Pending Payment" to "Processing".  

In the case that a Scheduled Order does not complete any of the processing steps successfully, the Scheduled Order is assigned a "Failed" status.  Failed Scheduled Orders occur for the following reasons:

  1. Payment processing error: the payment method failed to process
  2. Item availability: no items were able to be included the Scheduled Order at the time of processing
  3. Site/API Connectivity: your site's API is not able to communicate at the time the Scheduled Order is processing
  4. Manual selection: the merchant editing the Scheduled Order assigned the status as "Failed"

Payment Processing Errors

  • Scheduled Order status: Failed
  • WooCommerce Order status: Pending Payment

In most cases, the issue can be resolved by the customer logging into your site and updating their payment method via My Account > Payment Methods and then resuming their Scheduled Order.  

Once the payment issue is resolved (for example, the customer updates their payment method and resumes their Scheduled Order), the Scheduled Order will process automatically at the new Next Occurrence date.

If the merchant needs to resolve the issue (for example, updating their payment gateway settings), then the Failed Scheduled Order can be retried immediately so that processing can be attempted right away to ensure that the payment issue is resolved.

Item Availability

When a Scheduled Order fails because of item availability, then no order is created in WooCommerce.

In most cases, the Scheduled Order contains items that are disabled or out of stock products and doesn't succeed at creating an order in WooCommerce.

Once the issue with item availability is resolved, (for example, updating the item's availability or the stock status for the WooCommerce Product), then the Failed Scheduled Order can be retried immediately so that processing can be attempted right away to ensure that the item issue is resolved.

Site/API Connectivity

  • Scheduled Order status: Failed
  • WooCommerce Order status: On Hold or Pending Payment
  • Troubleshooting API issues: WooCommerce API Healthiness

When a Scheduled Order fails because of connectivity, the WooCommerce order can be either "On Hold" or "Pending Payment".

In most cases, the site is blocking or not responding to outside system's PUT requests to create or update the WooCommerce Order.

Suggested steps to resolve Failed Scheduled Orders due to site / API connectivity issues:

  1. First, check your payment gateway to see if any payment transaction was successfully completed for the WooCommerce Order
    1. If so, this means that the Order was created in WooCommerce, sent to your payment gateway to process, paid successfully, but did not respond to the (PUT) request to update the WooCommerce Order with the payment information.
    2. This usually means that your site is blocking or not responding to PUT requests which attempt to update the WooCommerce Order.
    3. To resolve this requires 2 steps:

      1. Update the WooCommerce Order: the Order was not updated in WooCommerce with the payment information, so the status of the WooCommerce Order will need to be updated to "Processing" so that you can then fulfill and complete the Order in WooCommerce.

      2. Restore the Scheduled Order: the Scheduled Order status is "Failed" because the WooCommerce Order was not able to be updated.  To ensure that the Scheduled Order continues to process in the future, Edit the Scheduled Order, update the Next Occurrence date to when the Scheduled Order should process next (for example, a "monthly" Scheduled Order should have a next occurrence date for the following month), and change its status to "Active".  Select "Update" to confirm the changes to the Scheduled Order.

  2. If the payment gateway does not have a record of the transaction, then your site was not responding to the request to create the Order in WooCommerce. 
    1. To resolve this requires 2 steps:

      1. Check your API Health Status: You can do this using the built-in API Health Check tool in WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Settings >> Connection Settings. You can also do this without Autoship Cloud by following WooCommerce's documentation to check for common API Issues (see WooCommerce's documentation here: https://github.com/woocommerce/woocommerce/wiki/Getting-started-with-the-REST-API)

      2. Retry Processing the Failed Scheduled Order: Once confirming that your API status is Healthy, then you can follow the steps to Retry Processing a Failed Scheduled Order.

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