Can I Use CVV for Scheduled Orders

Many merchants choose not to require CVV verification for recurring billing or saved payment transactions beyond a checkout event due to the difficult issues with recurring billing. 

This is due to CVV verification being disruptive to automated recurring billing because the PCI DSS forbids storing the CVV in any way, at any level. 

Since the credit card information for customers with Scheduled Orders must be securely stored in order to be reused for future transactions, the CVV will not stored and utilized for future transactions. This means that the CVV would need to be entered by the card owner on every transaction it is used on and makes CVV verification on any type of automated recurring billing impossible. 

Some payment gateways are able to configure your processing account to require the CVV only on the first transaction, so that Vault Transactions don't continue to require CVV. In this type of setup, a payment gateway will enforce the CVV requirement only once and avoid verification on recurring billing for the same payment method.

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