TrustCommerce Payments

Required for this integration:

  • Valid SSL installed for your site
  • TrustCommerce account
  • TrustCommerce TC Citadel (for using saved cards) enabled on your TC Account 
  • WooCommerce TrustCommerce gateway plugin download and view documentation here.

Supported Features

  • Tokenization - This gateway tokenizes payment methods in a way that allows Autoship Cloud to create and pay for recurring orders automatically.  In TrustCommerce, this feature is known as the "TC Citadel"
  • Authorize Only - This type of transaction is supported for Autoship Cloud.  

Not Supported by Autoship Cloud

  • Check Payments are not a supported payment method type for Autoship Cloud Scheduled Orders

Unsupported QPilot Features

  • Manual load of payments from Square (see this help doc for details)

Setting up TrustCommerce payments with WooCommerce

Once you have installed and activated the TrustCommerce gateway plugin, you will need to enter your TrustCommerce account credentials to setup and configure the plugin settings before you can start using it. To do this, navigate (in your WP Admin) to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > TrustCommerce (either at the top of the page where all the plugins are listed as text, or at the bottom where the enabled/disabled gateways are displayed). 

Once there, you will need to ensure that "Tokenization" is enabled by enabling the setting "Save Customers to TC CitadelĀ®:"

After that, you will need to fill in the following two fields with your TrustCommerce Account credentials (obtained from your actual TrustCommerce account).  Keep these handy for the next step as well:

Notes: The field labeled "Enable TrustCommerce Test Mode" should only be used if your TrustCommerce Account is set to use the "Sandbox Environment". You will need to supply the username and password from your TrustCommerce account that corresponds with the environment in which you will be using the gateway.

Once your configurations have been set, click "Save changes", and complete a checkout from your store to ensure that your WooCommerce checkout is working as expected.

Setting up TrustCommerce gateway with Autoship Cloud

Use the TrustCommerce API Merchant Id, Public, and Private Key entered into WooCommerce above and follow the steps in outlined in our doc here to start testing quickly. 

You are now ready to test  Checkout and Scheduled Orders with Autoship Cloud.

Required Fields for TrustCommerce Payments

Payment methods saved with TrustCommerce TC Citadel use one unique payment ID to reference a saved payment method that belongs to the customer.

When a saved payment method is created via WooCommerce Checkout or within My Account, this unique ID is applied in the GatewayCustomerId field of payment methods on Scheduled Orders for recurring billing.

  • GatewayCustomerId: Required
    • Example Value: T48Y9W

The other payment field available to payment methods on Scheduled Orders, GatewayPaymentId, should always be left null (or "empty")

  • GatewayPaymentId: Null

Along with other billing fields, like Name and Address, the GatewayCustomerId can be used to add new payment methods when Editing Scheduled Orders.

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