[WooCommerce] QPilot Site Dashboard

The QPilot Site Dashboard page displays an embedded report of Scheduled Order processing.  You can use the Dashboard to quickly identify important Key Performance Indicators (AKA KPI's) for Scheduled Orders regarding revenue and customers. 

More details can be in our help doc for the QPilot Site Dashboard.

This report can be found in WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Dashboard


Total Revenue

Displays the total revenue and upcoming revenue from Scheduled Orders for a given month

Revenue and Scheduled Orders

Track your revenue over a year and how it correlates to the number of Scheduled Orders processed.

Customers with Scheduled Orders

The number of Scheduled Orders for the selected time period broken down by Scheduled Order Status.

Newly Created Scheduled Orders

The number of new Scheduled Orders created within the selected time period. Selecting "details" takes you to your Scheduled Orders page pre-filtered with the selected time period!

Processing Metrics

You can use these to track trends in your sites processing of Scheduled Orders, both successful and failed.

Recently Processed

This report gives you a summary of the processing activity for your site for the last 7 days sorted by the the most recently processed Scheduled Orders.