Autoship Cloud Dashboard

The Autoship Cloud Dashboard page displays an embedded report of Scheduled Order processing.  You can use the Dashboard to quickly identify when Scheduled Orders process and if they failed to process you can review the reason.

This report can be found in WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Dashboard

Report Filters

  • Change Period
    • Change the time period for processing between last 7 days, last 30 days, last 90 days and last 120 days.

Report KPIs

  • Successfully Processed
    • The total number of Scheduled Orders processed successfully within the time period
  • Failed to Process
    • The total number of Scheduled Orders that failed to process within the time period
  • Newly Created
    • The number of new Scheduled Orders created within the time

Report Data

  • Event Date
    • Date and time when the processing event occurred
  • Id
    • The ID of the Scheduled Order
    • Select the ID to edit the Scheduled Order
  • Last Processed
    • Date and time that the last processing event occurred
    • Note: this can be different than the Event Date when a Scheduled Order is processed multiple times.  For example, a Scheduled Order fails to process at 4:00am and then is retried and processed successfully at 10:00am the same day.  This will result in 2 events: one for the failed processing event and one for the successful processing event.  In this example, the failed processing event will show an Event Date of 4:00am and a Last Processed of 10:00am.
  • Customer email
    • The email of the customer that the Scheduled Order belongs to
  • Processed result
    • The status of the Scheduled Order that resulted from attempting to process
    • Success or Failed are the results displayed
    • Failed results will include additional details to describe the failure reason
  • Total
    • The total value of the Scheduled Order at the time it processed

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