Shipping Addresses for Scheduled Orders

Shipping Address at Checkout Used By Default

The default shipping address for a customer's scheduled order will be the shipping address they enter at checkout.  This means that if a customer has scheduled any products for Autoship at checkout, their resulting Scheduled Order(s) will use the Shipping Address they entered at checkout.

This can be changed at any time after Checkout by editing the Scheduled Order - either as the Customer or Merchant.

How Customers Update Shipping Address for Scheduled Orders

For the most robust customer self-service experience, we suggest you enable the embedded display of Scheduled Orders in My Account.  Once enabled, your customers will be able to edit every aspect of each Scheduled Order including the Shipping Address for each Scheduled Order they have.

In this animation, the customer logs into My Account > Scheduled Orders to locate an upcoming order that they would like to change the shipping address for.  Once entered, the change is highlighted so they know to confirm the changed Shipping Address by clicking "Update".

How Merchants Update Shipping Address for Scheduled Orders

Merchants and Wordpress Administrators can change any aspect of a Scheduled Order at any time on behalf of their customers by visiting WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders -- then editing the Scheduled Order they would like to change.

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