How do I enable the embedded Scheduled Orders App?

From within the Wordpress Admin, you can enable the embedded Scheduled Orders App to display an alternative experience of creating and managing Scheduled Orders.

  1. Visit WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Settings
  2. Under Additional Options, check to enable the Embedded Scheduled Orders App
  3. Click Update

This app is delivered from within the Autoship Cloud plugin (instead of being hosted outside of your site), so your Wordpress site is actually hosting & running the experience.

This enables valuable features of Wordpress and WooCommerce to function seamlessly with the Autoship Cloud customer experience including:

  • Payment methods added and removed via My Account
  • Translation of text using filters
  • Display of WooCommerce Product Data within the Scheduled Order UI
  • Limiting the available frequencies possible for Scheduled Orders
  • Enabling customers to change Coupons (add/remove) setup in Autoship Cloud