[WooCommerce] Editing Scheduled Orders

Table Of Contents

  • Create New Scheduled Order
  • Updating Scheduled Orders
  • How Do I See Changes Reflect in Scheduled Orders

  • Create New Scheduled Order

    To create a new Scheduled Order for an existing customer, simply click the "+" icon in Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders and search for the customer by name or email to start the new Scheduled Order.

    Once the customer is added, the Scheduled Order form will search for their existing Address and Payment information and attempt to pre-fill the form with it. The pre-filled form data can still be changed before completing the creation of the new Scheduled Order.  

    You will still need to review & complete any remaining information for the new Scheduled Order including Frequency, Next Order Date, and Products. 

    Example of Creating a New Scheduled Order:

    Updating Scheduled Orders

    WordPress admins can edit Scheduled Orders by logging into the WordPress Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders.

    Clicking on the "✎" edit icon next to the Scheduled Order you want to edit will expand the Scheduled Order into a view that enables the entire Scheduled Order to be managed.

    Common reasons to edit a Scheduled Order as an administrator include:

    Looking for how your customers can manage and update their own Scheduled Orders? See our doc on How Customers Manage Scheduled Orders.

    Updating Customer Address Information

    By default, Scheduled Orders will prefill the address fields of the Scheduled Order using the Shipping Address that is already saved with the WooCommerce Customer.  

    • Note: WooCommerce enables only one address to be saved per customer, however, Shipping Addresses can be unique for each Scheduled Order. Editing an address on a Scheduled Order will not change or update the Customer in WooCommerce or change the address on other Scheduled Orders. 

    Merchants have two options for setting the Shipping Address for Scheduled Orders: by Entering an Address or by Selecting a Saved Address 

    Entering an Address:

    Administrators can edit the address fields of the Scheduled Order for their customer directly by changing each field that was pre-filled using the customer's WordPress user profile. 

    Selecting a Saved Address:

    Administrators can save addresses ( QPilot Merchant Dashboard > Shipping Addresses) to help offer more options for fulfilling their Scheduled Orders. Addresses can be for local pickup options, special shipping rates, and more. See more details in Shipping Addresses for Scheduled Orders.

    Adjusting Processing Options

    Processing options allow when Scheduled Orders process and can be as easy as setting the Frequency and Next Occurrence Date, or can be advanced as setting the specific time and processing offset to tightly control processing.

    By default, a Scheduled Order will automatically calculate the Next Occurrence Date using the frequency type (for example: weekly or monthly) when the Scheduled Order is created or when the Scheduled Order is processed, but it may also be updated by Admin and customers to any future date.

    The Advanced Time/Date and Processing Options allow you to control the time of day a Scheduled Order processes, the customers timezone, or override the processing offset set on the connected QPilot site. Toggle this menu only when you need tight control over the Scheduled Orders processing.

    In the following screenshot, the Merchant is editing the Scheduled Order to change the its processing options

    Updating Products

    Administrators can add or remove any product to a Customer's Scheduled Order.  In addition to the ability to add or remove products, other settings can be changed per product that are unique to the Scheduled Order including:

    • Quantity
    • Price (WooCommerce Regular Price)
    • Sale Price (Recurring Price)
    • Cycles
    • Min Cycles
    • Max Cycles

    To learn more about updating Scheduled Order Products, check out this doc: Updating Products in Scheduled Orders

    Selecting a Shipping Rate

    Sometimes the "Default" (the cheapest and most applicable) shipping rate is not the preferred valid shipping rate. In these cases, Merchants can select from all valid Shipping Rates that apply to the Scheduled Order. If a merchant wants the "Default" shipping rate to apply automatically, they can select the option "Automatically select the lowest cost shipping rate".

    The example below shows an administrator changing the Scheduled Order's Shipping Rate from free to standard shipping. See more details about Selectable Shipping Rates in our linked help doc.

    Updating Payment Details

    Administrators can change payment and billing details on Scheduled Orders.  Before adding payment details to a Scheduled Order, ensure that you have already successfully setup an integration for your payment gateway within WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations.

    Note: You can learn more about Payments and supported Payment Gateways here.

    Adding a payment method to a Scheduled Order as an administrator:
    1. Within WP-Admin Edit the Scheduled Order you wish to update payment information on and locate the "Payment Details" section.
      1. To create a new payment method, select "Create New" from the "Payment Method" dropdown (after, required billing fields will display).
      2. On the "Payment Method Type" dropdown, select the Payment Gateway that you have setup for Autoship Cloud (you can confirm this within WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations).
      3. If your site integrates with Stripe, Braintree, or Authorize.net, you can also choose to Load A Saved Payment Method directly from your payment gateway; select the tab "Load Method from Gateway"
    2. In a separate browser or tab, login to your Payment Gateway
      1. Locate the profile of the customer you are adding a payment for within your Payment Gateway account
      2. Copy the following required payment fields into the Scheduled Order you are editing:
        1. Gateway Customer ID
        2. Gateway Payment ID
      3. Enter a Payment Method Description
        1. For example "Visa ending in 4242 (expires 02/21)"
      4. Enter the required billing information fields for your customer in the remaining Payment Details:
        1. Billing First Name
        2. Billing Last Name
        3. Billing Street 1
        4. Billing Street 2 (optional)
        5. Billing City
        6. Billing State (usually 2 characters, example: CA)
        7. Billing Postcode (also known as Zip Code)
        8. Billing Country (select from the list or type to search the list)
    3. Once done, you should set the status of this Scheduled Order back to "Active" if the Scheduled Order is intended to process at it's next occurrence date.
      1. Important: Make sure to click "Update" to save your changes.
      2. If the Scheduled Order is already past it's next occurrence date and has an "Active" status, it will attempt to process within 5-10 minutes of updating the order.

    How Do I See Changes Reflect in Scheduled Orders

    As an Admin you can "recalculate" Scheduled Orders pre-validations in Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders

    • You can do this by editing the Scheduled Order and selecting "Update". This will request the QPilot to update the Scheduled Order and apply any changes ( eg. new shipping rates, replacing a product, etc).
    • You can also revalidate Scheduled Orders after making changes by selecting the cycle button in the column "Validation Checks". 

    Revalidate Scheduled Order