Stripe Payments

Required for this integration:

Compatible Features

  • Tokenization - This gateway tokenizes payments in a way that allows Autoship Cloud to create future orders

Unsupported Features

  • Apple / Google / Amazon Pay - This feature is not currently supported by
  • Stripe Express Checkout - This feature is not currently supported
  • Payments Request API (Payment Request Buttons) - This feature is not currently supported
  • New (Experimental) Checkout experience (Stripe Settings > Advanced Settings) - This feature is not currently supported

Setting up Stripe payments with WooCommerce

Once you have installed and activated the Stripe Payments plugin, you will need to enter your Stripe Sandbox API credentials into the plugin before you can start using it. 

To do this, navigate (in your WP-Admin) to  WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout > Stripe (either at the top of the page where all the plugins are listed as text, or at the bottom where the enabled/disabled gateways are displayed). 

Once there, fill in the "Test Publishable Key" and "Test Secret Key" fields with the values provided by your Stripe account. You will also need to ensure that "Enable Payment via Saved Cards" is enabled, as this is required for Autoship Cloud to create future orders.

Notes: The fields are labeled "Test Publishable Key" and "Test Secret Key" because the plugin is set to use "Test Mode". You will need to supply the API keys from the Stripe account that corresponds the environment in which you will be using the gateway (we are starting in the Test Mode to ensure that the plugin is working without creating actual charges).

Additionally note that "Stripe Checkout", "Payment Request API", and "Apple Pay" are not enabled. Autoship Cloud is not compatible with these features, and they must remain disabled.

Once these have been set, click "Save changes", and complete a checkout from your store to ensure that Stripe is working.

Setting up Stripe Payments with Autoship Cloud

Use the Stripe test API Publishable and Secret entered into WooCommerce above and follow the steps in outlined in our doc here to start testing quickly. 

You are now ready to test  Checkout and Scheduled Orders with Autoship Cloud.

Testing Stripe Payments with Autoship Cloud in Test Mode

Before using a new payment gateway in Live Mode, it is necessary to use the following steps to ensure that everything is working as expected in Test Mode (sometimes referred to as "Sandbox Mode").

  1. Visit your store as a customer (make sure you are no longer logged in as a WordPress Admin)
  2. Add at least one product scheduled for Autoship to your cart.
  3. As a customer, complete the checkout using the payment method, using one of the Test Card Numbers from

    Autoship Checkout: When a customer completes a checkout with at least 1 product scheduled for Autoship, this is known as an "Autoship Checkout" because it will result in a Scheduled Order being created based on the schedule(s) that were added to product(s) at checkout.
  4. Verify that the checkout was successfully completed and created a new order in WooCommerce. 
  5. As the same customer, visit My Account > Scheduled Orders, and verify that you have a schedule created, and that the schedule items and frequency are correct.
  6. Log back into the WordPress Admin, navigate to WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Scheduled Orders, and verify that the newly created Scheduled Order for that customer is present in your list of Scheduled Orders.

Going Live

Once you have successfully completed an Autoship Checkout and verified that a Scheduled Order was created and the payment method was saved, you are ready to enter Live Mode (in which actual charges will be created). 

  1. First, ensure that you are using "Live" settings and not "Test" or "Sandbox" settings from your Stripe account in WooCommerce.
    1. Navigate to WP-Admin > WooCommerce > Settings >> Payments (tab) >>> Stripe (Credit Card) >>>> Settings (tab) and disable the option for "Enable Test Mode". 

      Select the "Edit account keys" button and ensure the API credentials from your Live (or "Production") Stripe Account are entered in the "Live publishable key" and "Live secret key" fields.
    2. Select "Save live keys" to confirm your changes.
  2. Next, ensure you are using "Live" settings from your Stripe account in Autoship Cloud
    1. Navigate to WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations. Select the "edit" button (pencil icon) at the right end of the record for your Stripe integration and disable the option for "Test Mode".

      Ensure the API credentials from your Live (or "Production") Stripe Account are entered in the "Publishable key" and "Secret key" fields
    2. Select "Update" to confirm your changes.

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