CIM Payments

Required for this integration:

Supported Features

  • Tokenization: This gateway tokenizes payment methods in a way that allows Autoship Cloud to create future orders
  • Credit Card Payments: Only credit card payments are supported with Authorize.Net CIM
  • Default Payment Response Delimiters: Delimits the fields in the response back to QPilot upon payment processing of a Scheduled Order. Authorize.Net default delimiters:
        a , (comma)
        b. | (pipe)
        c. " (double quote)
        d. ' (single quote)
        e. : (colon)
        f. ; (semicolon)
        g. / (forward slash)
        h. \ (back slash)
        i. - (dash)
        j. * (star)


  • Authorize.Net eCheck payments are not currently supported
  • Accept.js - This feature is not currently supported

Setting up Authorize.Net payments with WooCommerce

Once you have installed and activated the WooCommerce Authorize.Net plugin, you will need to enter your Authorize.Net API credentials into the plugin before you can start using it. To do this, navigate to WP-Admin WooCommerce > Settings >> Payments >> Authorize.Net Credit Card (either at the top of the page where all the plugins are listed as text or at the bottom where the enabled/disabled gateways are displayed). 

Once there, you will need to ensure that "Tokenization" is enabled.

After that, you will need to fill in the following two fields with the API credentials obtained from your Authorize.Net account.

Note: The fields are labeled "Test API Login ID" and "Test API Transaction Key" because the plugin is set to use the "Test Environment". You will need to supply the API keys from the Authorize.Net account that corresponds the environment in which you will be using the gateway (we are starting in the Test Environment to ensure that the plugin is working without creating actual charges).

Additionally, note that "Accept.js" is not enabled. Autoship Cloud is not compatible with this feature, and it must remain disabled.

Once these have been set, select "Save changes", and complete an order via checkout from your store to ensure that Authorize.Net is working.

Setting up Authorize.Net payments with Autoship Cloud 

Use the Authorize.Net Test API Login Id & Transaction Key entered into WooCommerce above and follow the steps in outlined in our doc here to start testing quickly.

You are now ready to test  Checkout and Scheduled Orders with Autoship Cloud.

Testing Authorize.Net Payments with Autoship Cloud in "Test Mode"

Before using a payment gateway in Live Mode, it is necessary to test that checkout, Scheduled Order processing, and saving payment methods as a customer in My Account are working as expected. This can be done using Test Mode (sometimes referred to as Sandbox Mode). 

1. Visit your store as a customer (make sure you are logged out of the WordPress Admin)

2. Test Checkout and Scheduled Orders with Autoship Cloud (Verify that the Scheduled Order creates from checkout & processes successfully without payment errors).

3. Test saving a payment method as a customer: Go to My Account > Payment Methods and add a new payment method. The "Use payment method on Scheduled Orders" prompt and "UPDATE" button should display once the payment saves.

4. Verify Autoship Cloud synchronized your payment method to QPilot by going to the My Account > Scheduled Orders page and selecting "Update Payment Method." The newly added payment method should display in the dropdown menu.

Going Live

Once you have successfully completed an Autoship checkout and verified that a Scheduled Order processes successfully with the Authorize.Net payment method saved at the original checkout, you are ready to enter Live Mode (in which actual charges will be created). 

To do this you will need to:

1. Create and/or log in to a Live Authorize.Net account ( Note: this is a separate account than accounts used to create Test API Keys)

2. Navigate to WP-Admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Authorize.Net Credit Card, and enter the API credentials from your new, Production Authorize.Net account, and change the setting for Environment from "Test" to "Production" (Then select "Save changes").

3. Navigate to WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud > Payment Integrations. Select "Edit" (the pencil icon) and uncheck the box for "Test Mode", and select "Save".

Additional Resources 

How do I Refund a Customer for a Scheduled Order Which has Already Processed?

Though refunds can always be performed within the payment gateway, the Autoship Cloud plugin supports refunds directly from the WP-Admin > WooCommerce > Orders > Edit Order page just like a standard checkout order. 

  1. Edit the WooCommerce order created when the Scheduled Order processed
    ( Pro-Tip: you can search by the Scheduled Order Id to filter your WooCommerce orders quickly)
  2. Refund the order (partial or full) the same way you would a regular WooCommerce order.
  3. To ensure your data is updated in QPilot you will want to Edit the Processing Cycle so the charged total is representative of the refunded amount. Though this is optional, this will ensure your reports in QPilot accurate.

Customer updated their saved payment method's billing address?

When a customer updates their billing address on payment methods saved to Authorize.Net, it is recommended they create a new payment method in My Account > Payment Methods after updating their Billing Address in My Account > Addresses.

Why is this the "recommended" way to update billing addresses on payment methods?

When payment methods are saved (aka tokenized), the customer's billing address is saved to that tokenized method (at checkout or in My Account). The reason creating a new payment method is the recommended way to update the billing address for that saved payment method is this ensures the payment method will be re-tokenized with the customer's current saved billing address. 

Steps to "update" a payment method for a payment method billing address change with the issuing bank

  1. Update customer's Billing Address to the issuing bank's current billing address in My Account > Addresses
  2. Add a new payment method in My Account > Payment Methods 

Pro-Tip! If the credit card details like the expiration date and CVV code remain the same when updating a payment method it is a good idea to delete the old payment method first to avoid confusion. 

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