How can I tell if the integration is working?

Once you've successfully connected your WooCommerce API to Autoship Cloud's hosted service, QPilot, you'll want to confirm that WooCommerce data is synchronizing successfully before moving forward with testing.

Note: it can take between 30 seconds to 5 minutes for WooCommerce data to start importing.

How to confirm that your WooCommerce integration was successful

  1. In your Wordpress Admin, navigate to WP-Admin > Autoship Cloud and check the following tabs:
  2. Autoship Cloud Tab
    1. Click "Test Integration".  You should see a successful status message appear
    2. If you see an error alert instead, please see Troubleshooting the WooCommerce API
  3. Products Tab
    1. All published WooCommerce Products should be synchronized and display in this report

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